Happy 2017 ~


rooster2017 will bring us many overlapping themes of Awakening.  The Chinese New Year on Jan. 28th, a New Moon in Aquarius, will usher in the Year of the Fire Rooster.  The Rooster energy is a post child for waking up and asserting one’s self.

In the “13 Moon Mayan Calendar”, we are in a “Blue Spectral Storm” year until July 25th, 2017, which is a strong energy of transformation.

Numerically, we just completed a 9-year cycle; 2016 was a ‘9’, which is an energy of Endings, which we certainly saw many of all year.  2017 is a ‘1’, symbolizing the energy of new beginnings.  Of course, endings & beginnings… death & birth… are the Yin and Yang of Life: one is never without the other.

Astrologically, the energies for the year are an interplay of claiming your True Self in Sovereignty and learning to also connect with the good of all in a co-creative stream of higher consciousness which honors all.  Energetic structures that cannot do this will continue to be dismantled, both within us and around us.

This morning, on my walk following Storm Helena, the skies synchronistically showed me a lovely picture of the Light Radiating into… and Transforming the darkness.  Such is our task for 2017:  find your deeper connection to the Light within you, And the Source of all Light in the higher realms…let it channel through you…ground it, and then share it with the World, following your True passions and path.


In Lak’ech*  ~  Denine

(*Mayan greeting: “In you I see another me, in me another you.”)

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  • img_8866(Photos of Palm Canyon & Butterfly Bush in Anza-Borrego Desert, Ca from Feb. 2016; Rooster in the Taro patch picture from Kauai, HI in Feb. 2014, and Clouds over Long Island Sound taken in Branford, CT on 1/8/17.)
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Spring Fling

Dogwood Tree

Happy Spring from CT!  Hope this finds you having wintered over well.  (And wishing my few Southern Hemisphere readers Happy Autumn.)  Regardless of your hemisphere, we are just entering a rich, rare (only about 1x a decade) time when we have 5 of the major planets in retrograde.  This particular combo is going to bring us all the blessings of support for slowing down, connecting to the nurture of Earth, and participating in the richness of the “Re”…  ~  reflect, relinquish, realign, redo, recreate, etc.  The Universe, and I, are inviting you to enter a time of ‘no hurry, no worry’.

You might want to hold  a little ceremony for the passing of _______, and the birth of _______. You get to fill in the blanks.  I’m sending you this Magnolia, flower of Support for all major transitions,  to bless the process.


Wishing you all a joyful Release and Receive ~


In Lak’ech* ~ Denine

(*Mayan greeting: “In you I see another me, in me another you.”)

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Happy 11-11


Coming into this 11-11-15 week, I am asking everyone to join me in Our Unified Field of Consciousness, holding the feeling and frequency of Compassionate Love… envisioning the qualities of Peace, Joy, True Prosperity, Balance & Harmony arising in us and all around us.  Please add in your positive intentions for your own life and our World. (Feel free to put them in the comment section, and I will hold them with you.)

Together, we can add to the vortex of Light available at this time, and assist each other in even more upliftment.  IMG_7675

In Lak’ech*  ~ Denine

(*Mayan Greeting:  “In you I see another me, in me another you.”)

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  • Photos taken by Denine in Branford, CT (Dahlia @ Ken’s garden; Pond & foliage @ Bob’s Woods)

Ohana of Earth

As I sit writing this, it is Earth Day, a day to specially appreciate and honor Mother Earth.  Her living body is our home, and provides for us everything we require.  Given the magnitude of that truth, many of us choose to honor her every day, and find we live a far more joyous life as a result of participating more consciously in the relationship.  In the spirit of celebrating our Oneness on this beautiful sphere, I am taking us back to my time in Hawaii earlier this year, when I hiked out into the Mauna Ulu lava field, letting the cairns lead the way…

Cairn at Mauna Ulu

Cairn at Mauna Ulu

After hiking awhile out over the lava rock, you reach Pu’uloa (a large hill) of petroglyphs left by ancient Hawaiians.  Many of the petroglyphs are hollowed out little round holes (pukas).  The native people would bring the umbilical cord (piko) of their baby out to this sacred site and place it in a puka.  Each puka houses a single child’s umbilical cord.  They believed that the mana (spiritual guiding energy) of Pu’uloa would bless their child and root them to their ancestral lands.  The Field of rooted connectedness to the Earth and to one’s family (ohana) is palpable here.  Take a moment to gaze at the picture and sense your rooted connectedness to Earth  & ohana…



We are all in various stages of awakening from the illusion of our separateness and living in a fractured state.  On this Earth Day, and every day, I pause to put aside whatever stories or dramas may seem to be playing out in my mind or on the world stage, and simply feel into and In-Joy the larger truth:  We are One Ohana…IMG_3870In Lak’ech*  ~  Denine

(*Mayan greeting:  “In you I see another me, in me another you.”)

~ Magnolia Venus Elixir Flower Essence:  In my last post there is a picture of what I called a “pussywillow tree”; lol, it proved itself to be a White Magnolia Tree.  The fuzzy buds I admired back in Dec, opened up 2 days ago in their glorious display.CT MagnoliaThis Earth Day Magnolia Essence imparts a strong opening of the Crown Chakra to receive the inpouring of Light coming to support us now, on the heels of the Uranus/Pluto Squares and the powerful Spring Eclipses.  Like all Magnolias, her specialty is navigating major transitions (birth/death) in every sense of the word.  She is a sweet beacon of the holiness of this terrain. If you wish to work directly with a bottle, contact Denine.   ($15 includes domestic postage)

Solstice Passageway


Solstice Blessings!  It is the Winter Solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere, and in the South, it is Summer Solstice.  The New Moon in Capricorn is also occurring (today or tomorrow, depending on where you are).  With 10 days left in the calendar year of 2014, it is time to pause for a moment.  Come into stillness…

Take stock of where the last turning of the wheel has taken you with a gentle eye, give gratitude where you can, hold all else in the compassion of your true heart.  Formulate your intentions, your prayer, and when you are ready, pass under the bower.  Walk into the Light, among the trees.


Among the oaks is a large Pussy Willow Tree, reaching out welcoming arms.  Like you, she has formulated her prayers and intentions, and they are evident as buds on the tips of her branches.  Sit awhile with her in appreciation of the magic that sustains these tender buds all through the coldness of winter, to ripeness and bloom in the Spring.  In this holiday season, may you give yourself the gift of Stillness, to appreciate all that is being held, and Belief in the power of the benevolence that sustains us.

In Lak’ech*  ~  Denine

(*Mayan Greeting:  “In you I see another me, in me another you.”)

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