Pink Shell Ginger

From Denine’s Guides:  “The Pink Shell Ginger is a dose of Goddess  –  She embodies balanced Divine Feminine Energy.  She helps the spine align itself in harmony with empowered feminine energetics so that, whether embodied as a woman or a man, one can walk connected to . . .

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White Flowers, Part 2

Wildflowers by HI Lava Tube
“Dear Ones – We are here to speak of play….play with the pure white flowers that stand joyously in nature shining bright.  Smell the sweetness, and become intoxicated with the purity and beauty in nature that it may bring you into the . . .

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White Flowers, Part 1

Many of you may be reading or feeling how there is quite a bit of clearing going on.  This clearing is at a fever pitch, and it is going to continue.  More and more high frequency light is coming in.  This light is everything we ever . . .

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Water Element

Waimea River, Kauai
“It is the Water Elementals here to speak.  Water can offer great harmonizing and balancing for the heat that predominates within and without.  This is a summer of great heat in the Northern Hemisphere on many levels.  Avail yourself of the gifts of water:  . . .

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Cup of Gold

“It is I, Cup of Gold.  Beloved Ones, Now is the time – the time to hear the clarion call, the call to hear the voice within you speak.  Listen for it’s clear tone guiding you, inspiring you and informing you of your inner truth, your . . .

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