Butterfly Harmonics

I encountered this Trinity of Butterflies in April of 2008 in a new vortex of energy just opened in Arkansas.  Within the beauty that their physical vessels create, I could see the pyramidal energy field of light they created together:  shimmering brightly and radiating both a . . .

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Kauai Monastery

Silent Buddha/Kauai Monastery
We again find ourselves at the Full Moon – this time in Pisces.  I recently returned from a trip to Kauai, where I encountered this magnificent Buddha at the Hindu Monastery there.  He seems the perfect image for this Full Moon, which is asking . . .

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Red Sunflower

Red Sunflower
About a month ago, I planted some red sunflowers outside my treatment room window.  This one grew 8 feet tall with a whirl-a-gig of flowers blooming down the stalk.  As the cleansing continues, they looked to me like a car wash’s spinning scrubbing sponges.  As . . .

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A Walk in the Forest, Part 2

Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree
As we continue through the forest, we admire many different kinds of trees, and the wondrous sculpture that nature and the elements create together in their unique expressions of harmony and adaptation.  And then, we arrive at the waterfall and pristine swimming hole.

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A Walk in the Forest, Part 1

Today a friend took me on a walk through the forest to a beautiful waterfall and swimming hole. Come along with me now and receive a few choice bites of the journey! Start with one of these sumptuous pink bananas and a dose . . .

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