Morning Glory

Morning Glory
“Beloved Ones: Encircled in a glorious band of purple-violet, encased in a star, from within my center comes my brilliant light, shining out to the world. Let this be a remembrance of your own Glory that resides deep within your being. Shine, . . .

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Equinox ’10

This late summer rose creates a most beautiful chalice to be held in the sweet knowing that all is in divine order as we continue negotiating the intense and choppy extremes of these present times.  Feel her take you into her comforting arms for rest and . . .

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Heart Leaves

This lovely heart-shaped leaf is from a garden on the Big Island of Hawaii.  She is a lovely rendition of heart energy with her beautiful green color and the white veins like a cascade of light energy flowing throughout.  Take a moment to place both hands . . .

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Beehive Ginger

“I AM a Pillar of Power that shows a way to harmony within the collective consciousness of humanity.  Each compartment on my stalk is a separate abode for each embodied One to dwell in unique expression, yet an integral part of the glorious whole!”
Gaze upon the . . .

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