Labyrinth Meanderings

Here, in these last days of fall, as the holiday season sweeps us up, step out of the hustle and bustle. Join me for a stroll at Roches Point, Ontario in Canada. Come down the path, through the wood and into the glade’s clearing.

A peaceful . . .

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Root Chakra Healing

While walking a few days ago in the Waihee Valley on the Full Moon in Taurus, my guides asked me to create a flower essence from 3 flowers growing in the woods there. Red Hibiscus flower essence is known to be a remedy for abuse . . .

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Waihee Valley Walk

Come for a walk with me in the Waihee Valley. This morning was the Full Moon in Taurus, happening at the end of Sun in Scorpio. It is a time of intense passages. Fears may need to be faced in order to cross to . . .

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Plumeria Fire

This is a picture of the sun rising behind the smoke from the burning of the cane fields in Kahului, Maui on 11-7-10. Fire energy is rising again, yet the light of the sun can be seen to be shining through the smoke, and so . . .

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Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise
“I AM the joy of creation taking flight.” Bird of Paradise is a flower with distinctive parts that knows how to create a glorious statement of its whole self. It is known as a remedy to help the flow of creativity by . . .

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