From Fear into Faith

This monument stands in the Iao Valley Gardens here on Maui in recognition of the sacrifice and contribution of the hundreds of thousands of  Japanese people who came to Hawaii starting in the late 1800’s as contract workers in the sugar cane fields.  Many of their . . .

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Crown Compassion

This purple-white orchid was blooming in my treatment room over Christmas of 2010.  On Christmas Eve, my guides asked me to make a flower essence to support holding the energy of deep compassion in the heart, infused with light from the crown chakra.  This allows for . . .

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as within, so without

Some of you have written me asking about what to do to help heal the Earth, and others are asking if we should eat or supplement differently due to radiation.
Mother Earth is moving to create balance within Herself, and it would be wise to assist the . . .

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Spring Equinox ’11

This Banyan Tree from Hana, Maui comes with greetings for the Spring Equinox and as a model of grounding.  Take a deep breath into your center, gaze at the trunk of the banyan, and see how he holds a deep centered flow of energy.  Feel it . . .

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Unite and Balance

The day after Japan’s giant quake and the resultant waves that came out across the Pacific Ocean, my guides asked to share this message:
“At this time, there is an unprecedented inpouring of Light to Earth and into humanity.  Spend some moments each day, especially in this . . .

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