Rain Forest Heart Walk

Come down the steps from any ruined place that may linger in your heart, and let nature finish making it anew in its beautiful embrace.
Walk down the rain forest road with me….the dripping giant ferns and cedars all around…the quiet, early morning dew enfolding you.
Stop and . . .

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Mother’s Day ’11

This exquisite mother nene goose and her 3 precious children come to us from their home by the Hanelei River, next to the tarot fields on Kauai.  Their bond creates a unique field of light.  The nene is both the Hawaii state bird and an endangered . . .

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Flower Moon

This palest of purple morning glories sends out a beacon of white light.  She rises up out of hot, arid sand with her cooling and illuminating beam.  She speaks of the energy of the New Moon earlier this week, and of balancing the hot Aries fire . . .

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May Day

Today is May Day and the Celtic festival of Beltane:  a time to celebrate and honor fertility, planting and fairy magic.  This orchid knows how to convey all of these energies.  She invites us to be unrestrained in a way that is ultimately in balance.
It is . . .

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