Snakeroot & Butterfly Medicine

White Snakeroot
Snakeroot blossoms are like individual stars, making up constellations of light.  She is beautiful, and also can be deadly.  When European settlers first came to the southeastern states, they were unfamiliar with it.  Cattle would eat it, settlers drank the milk and became sick with . . .

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Thanksgiving Prayer

TN Squash
Let us give thanks for the abundance that Mother Earth truly has bestowed upon us.  As you eat your holiday meal, appreciating family and friends, give thanks to All that has brought forth your food:  your own efforts, the Earth that sustained and birthed it, . . .

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Big S Fork River Rocks

Leatherwood Ford
Come for a walk with me on a rainy day out over the Big South Fork River ….on the ford where horses and wagons crossed, when the water was not too high.  Feel the energies of this long ago time whisper memories to you of . . .

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Ripening Seeds for Flight

This late fall purple Coneflower has delighted butterflies all summer. Now she ripens her seeds to send them out on the fall winds.  Her sphere of seeds glows gold in the afternoon sun, hinting of rich future potential.
Overhead, leaves have dropped from trees to reveal other . . .

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Land the 11-11-11 Light

Little River @ The Sinks, TN
As the Light Elixir pours in at this window of 11-11-11/trigger date/portal, it is time to pause and draw it in and through us….
Breathe it in and feel it move down through you……
Little River, TN
Feel the Light moving right down through . . .

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