Orchid Meld

Olinda, Maui Orchid
Orchids of all kinds love upcountry Maui.  Journey with me deep inside the faces of these 3 Olinda beauties….consider their otherworldly patterns and shapes….
Olinda, Maui – Orchid
Let the velvety softness of their petals enfold you deeply in the embrace of their sacred geometry and . . .

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Dragon New Moon

Back on Maui, this upcountry Protea comes to wish us all a most harmonious New Moon in Aquarius and Year of the Dragon.  Breathe deeply, gaze at the complex layering of sacred geometry of this protea flower, and let him instruct you for your own multi-dimensional . . .

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Enchanted Ice

Tremont woods & snow
Come on a winter walk with me into the woods.   Water has recently graced TN with all her forms ~ making new and interesting creations along the path.
ice in the mud
Like creatures we might find in the sea, hail & wet snow . . .

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1/12/12 Revitalization

Cades Cove, TN
Archangel Michael is offering us a Pyramid of Light for the purposes of Revitalization.

Enter into this Pyramid of Light and allow yourself to be washed with the energy of Revitalization……then ground your root down into the Crystalline Grid of Mother Gaia…continue receiving this new, . . .

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Tender~Tough Moon

Tremont area of GSMNP, TN rock
Our Sun is in Capricorn, with Pluto passing through.  Capricorn is a male energy, a sign of Earth, and knows how to stand strong.  This passage offers us the potential of achieving maturity over our emotional nature: through LOVE, rather than . . .

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