Leap Year Speedwell

Persian Speedwell, Seviersville, TN
February 29th, 2012 ~ Happy Leap Year Day to all:   a day to step out of our ruts and into different timing.   I discovered these lovelies, blooming very early, in an unexpected  place (roadside in the middle of the commercial, neon . . .

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Star and Snow Drops

Madison, CT Snowdrops
During a break from work in CT this past week, I visited with these Snowdrops.  They push up, right through the snow if necessary, in late February, confident they will be met by the kiss of the Sun.  Let the sweet, creamy freshness of . . .

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Anthurium Valentines

Maui Anthurium
Anthurium comes with its lovely heart shape to wish us all a most Happy Valentine’s Day.
Kauai Monastery Anthurium
Let their wide variety of hue and shape inspire you to go beyond just the old paradigm description of a holiday that celebrates romantic Love into a whole . . .

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Ladies of the Lava

Air Plant, Maui
This flower grows undeterred right up out of the lava rocks on the flank of Haleakala on Maui.  She asked to be put as the star feature in a new combination flower essence, to be called “Ladies of the Lava”.  The flowers included all . . .

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Orchid and Rainbow Light Trail

'Okolehao Trail, Kauai
Come up the hill over Hanalei with me….through the rain forest and shafts of sunlight on a hot, still Hawaiian afternoon…..take a deep breath of moist, sweet air and feel the rainbow light wash over and through you.
Wild Orchid
Around the corner you are greeted . . .

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