Fire Water Orb Balancing

Sybil Creek, Indian Neck, CT
As day wanes, step out to the marsh with me, and watch the herons hunt for their evening meal.
Sunset on the Marsh, CT
Sunset arrives, and tonight it sets the marsh on fire with Light.  As you gaze at the picture, let the . . .

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Gazing Ball World

Joyce’s gazing ball, Townsend, TN
Sunday, 6/21/12, is the 1st of 7 Uranus square Pluto alignments that will occur from now through 3/17/15.  Uranus will be in Aries – an energy of “Initiation”, and Pluto will be in Capricorn – an energy of “Culmination”.  These are not . . .

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Fathers Day to Summer Solstice

Rainbow, Guilford, CT
This rainbow over the peace pole,  which arrived in between the lunar eclipse and the Venus Transit, was striking in how it defined polarities in the sky.  Perhaps it was showing us how to round up the dark for transmutation in the Light.  As . . .

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Venus Transit Rose

Rose, Guilford, CT
The Venus Transit and the Realms of Light are pouring down pure Love for humanity’s evolution.  Take a few minutes to come into the center of your Being, and breathe into your heart.  As you gaze at the many layers of this Rose’s compassionate . . .

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