Blue Moon Walk

Tigh Shee Labyrinth, Glengarry, ON
Enter the labyrinth on this Blue Moon.  As you walk slowly feeling the ground beneath you, supporting your every step, contemplate what has come to fullness in you on this Full Moon….
Pink Anenome Flower Essence, ON
As you arrive in the center on . . .

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Apachete Awakening

Tigh Shee Center Apachete, Ontario
As we continue to pass through the nadir of the extreme chaos energies of transformation, Apachetes are a wonderful way to create stability on your property and enjoy communion with Mother Earth and the Elements.  As this period continues over the next . . .

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Sacred Grove Walk

Here in the early hours of an August morning in Palmyra, NY, come take a walk with me on the trails of  The Sacred Grove.
Amble past the old farm fences, and enjoy the sun burning off the heavy morning mist in the cool of the morning.
Joe . . .

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Rose Mallow Mellow

Red Rose Mallow, Indian Neck, CT
Swamp Rose Mallow is a member of the Hibiscus family.  Hardy enough to withstand a cold winter, she helps bring the Aloha energy North.  Rose Mallow as a flower essence helps soften hard personalities.  Given the present energy climate, we could . . .

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Dog Days Swing

August has begun.  Grab the rope, take a deep breath in the heat of this Sunday afternoon, get a little running start…and S W I N G out and over the river.  Plunge into the cool depths….rise to the surface and float.  Relax into the support . . .

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