Dahlia Days

Dahlia, Indian Neck, CT
As the warm days of summer give way here in the North, magnificent Dahlias linger through the Fall, shining their bright faces at us in a rainbow of colors.
Dahlia, Durham, CT
Today is the Full Moon in Aries, with a number of dramatic planetary . . .

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Equinox Glory

Maryholme Morning Glory Trellis, ON
Today is Fall Equinox in the North, a day to ground into the center of one’s self, becoming present to the balance of this now moment.  As we pause in the middle of the wild, fast and intense energies of September, 2012, . . .

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Triple Goddess Moon

Plaque at Maryholme Retreat House, ON
Today is the New Moon in Virgo ~ the sign of the triple Goddess, in her forms of maiden, mother and crone.   Ask your inner feminine nature what vision she may hold to be next carried out by your inner . . .

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Water Lily Waters

Lake Hortonia, Vermont
As the Adirondacks glimmer in the distance, enjoy an early morning in late summer at the lake.   Come down the hill, and step into the canoe with me and my friend Sara…
Lake Hortonia, VT
Enjoy the dip of your paddle in the smooth waters….stop . . .

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