Easter Crocus Rising

Crocus, Indian Neck, CT
Last fall, I put in one little bag of Crocus bulbs at the base of the steps to the front door.  Since then, 5 feet of salt marsh tide surge waters passed over them during Hurricane Sandy…..5 feet of snow lay on top . . .

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Good News, Good Friday

Osprey nest, Sybil Creek, CT
Ospreys mate for life.  They raise their chicks up North, and then travel separately to different destinations in the far South – often as far as South America – where they spend the winter months.  Usually, the male returns to the same . . .

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Shamrock Intuition

Shamrock, CT
This is a weekend to deeply connect to your intuition.  Join with the white and green of Shamrock to go inside the heart….connect with your higher Self and guides and see what might arise in you.  Let the ‘wearing of the green’ be a deep . . .

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From the Water to the Fire

Canadian Geese on the marsh, CT
This misty, watery time of Pisces with Mercury retrograde has kept us all contained for quite awhile now.
Long Island Sound, CT
Winter storms have buffeted us about in the watery element of emotion.  Other planetary influences have set the washing machine on . . .

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