Zinnia & August Energies

Zinnia Garden, Branford, CT

Zinnia Garden, Branford, CT

On a bike ride this week, I ran into Ken & Dorothy, weeding their immaculate garden.  About to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary, they are both in their 80’s, and have lived here in Branford, making this garden for all these years.  Dorothy told me they have not used any chemicals in their garden for 20 years.  She said they used to put down Preen to control weeds, and that a few years into that practice, she developed lung cancer, and Ken got skin cancer.  They both went through traditional treatments, and successfully cured their cancers, but Dorothy believed the chemicals were the cause of the cancers, and they never used any chemicals on their property again.  I was beyond impressed with these two octogenarians who have persevered through much, and although in aged bodies with their share of scars, wear and tear, continue to create this beautiful and abundant garden.

Zinnias, Branford, CT

Zinnias, Branford, CT

The energies of late August, 2013, are telling us a similar story.  Ways of doing things, that seemed like a good idea at the time,  but that are, in fact, poisonous, are being exposed…within us and around us in our World.  It is time to stand strong like the Leo Lion, for our truest Truth, and as we come to the Full Moon In Aquarius on August 20th, release that whose time has come to be let go.  This is where Zinnia comes in  ~  bold, bright and beautiful, he knows how to show his unique and fabulous Self to the World. No shirking allowed!  Regardless of our history, individual or collective, it is time to own it, release All shame, and live as our True Self.

In Lak’ech*  ~  Denine

(*Mayan Greeting:  “In you I see another me, in me another you.”)

~ Want to work with a bottle Zinnia Flower Essence?  Contact Denine. ($15 includes domestic postage).  Zinnia Essence has long been known as a bringer of Joy.  This essence was made from pink, dark rose, and orange Zinnias from Ken & Dorothy’s garden on 8/16/13, the 26th Anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence of 1987.  It bathed in the sunny Leo energies, during this window of time when our Sun is in the process of flipping its poles, and soaked on an amplifying crystal.  She is a powerhouse of transformational Joy, if you are ready to let it in.

~ Want to do more work on releasing shame?  Listen to Anita Moorjani (U-Tube), read her book “Dying to be Me”, or consider a session with Denine or other therapist. (Phone sessions with Denine: $50 per half hour of time).


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  • Ann

    Those zinnias are so radiant they leap off the screen with health, vibrancy, and JOY! Thanks so much for sharing the pics and the story. Namaste.


  • Janet

    Aloha Denine,

    Yikes I will be 61 on August 20th, but still smiling. Just before I read this I was thinking of a sort of friend who I have not talked to because she is insulting, but feel guilty. Big Mahalo it is time to release her without shame.

    Love & Light

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