Venus Elixir

Montezuma’s Well, AZ
While visiting Montezuma’s Well this December, my friend Samarah did a reading for me from Mother Mary, who suggested I might rename my flower essences “Venus Elixirs”.  After returning home to CT, I experienced a lovely series of synchronous events regarding Venus and her . . .

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12 days of doses, #12

Mother Mary & Jesus, Sedona, AZ
On this Christmas Day, Mother Mary and the Christ child come to remind us (regardless of our religion or belief) of the magic, the promise and the love of the Divine within us and in our world.  Let us be inspired . . .

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12 Days of Doses, #11

On Christmas Eve, Norfolk Pine offers a beautiful green bed for you to lie down on.  Gaze up at the sky, taking in the guidance of the Stars.
Star of Bethlehem, Branford, CT
Star of Bethlehem will shine down on you…. guiding you to your destination on this . . .

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12 Days of Doses, #10

Amaryllis, Maryville, TN
On this ’10th Day of Doses’, we have a trio of cheerful Amaryllis coming to us.  This orange beauty is showering golden stardust down on you as a blessing of the coming Christ Consciousness…
Amaryllis, Branford, CT
White Amaryllis is coming in her full radiance to . . .

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12 Days of Doses, #9

12/21/13, Long Island Sound, Linden Shores, CT
On this 9th day of Doses, let us begin with absorbing the Light Codes from the Solstice.  Breathe the energy into your 3rd eye as you gaze at the Light, the Water, and let it all wash through you.
Orchids, Lanai, . . .

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