Venus Elixir

Montezuma's Well, AZ

Montezuma’s Well, AZ

While visiting Montezuma’s Well this December, my friend Samarah did a reading for me from Mother Mary, who suggested I might rename my flower essences “Venus Elixirs”.  After returning home to CT, I experienced a lovely series of synchronous events regarding Venus and her beautiful energy.  I witnessed a sun bow on Christmas Eve Day, which was full of Venus energy.

Sunbow, Branford, CT

Sunbow, Branford, CT

On Christmas Day, my Guides asked me to go across the frozen marsh and place an apachete blessing there.  Once there, I experienced a download of the Venus energy, and took this picture.

IMG_0181Venus Parabola Apachete, Sybil Creek, CT

I was then guided to make a Star of Bethlehem Flower Essence from the plant blooming in my treatment room.  So it is that Star of Bethlehem is the first of the Venus Elixir Flower Essences.  Made on Christmas Day and steeped in a crystal bowl with a Selenite crystal tower, she holds the unique love of this flower in synergy with crystalline energy and galactic blessings.

Star of Bethlehem, Branford, CT

Star of Bethlehem, Branford, CT

She had this to say about her offering as a flower essence:  “It was in the times of olde, when a great conjunction would happen in the sky, that the people would believe it to be a great sign ~ and so it was!  When Venus, Planet of Love, and Jupiter, Planet of Great Good Fortune, draw together, they create a most exquisite union and vision.

I come to thee now to bring, once again, exquisite vision… one which will shine in your own sacred heart and mind.  Follow this, and you will follow the way of your greatest meaning and Joy.  I AM, Star of Bethlehem, bringing tidings of great Joy.”

Some scholars believe the physical manifestation of the Christmas Star, was an extremely close conjunction of Venus and Jupiter, causing the two bright celestial bodies to appear as one brilliantly bright Star.

Venus went retrograde on this year’s December Solstice, where she will journey for 40 days. This brings an energy that focuses us inward, to examine what it is that our own individual hearts’ truly Love and what we find beautiful.  This is a personal journey into one’s own beautiful heart.

As the year 2013 draws to a close, and on into 2014, Venus takes us on a dive deep into the realms of our hearts.

Spend some time bathing in all these energies, and see what intentions wish to be born from your heart for the New Moon on 1/1/14.

In Lak’ech*  ~  Denine

(*Mayan Greeting:  “In you I see another me, in me another you.”)

– In the days surrounding Christmas this year, the phase of Venus in Retrograde resulted in only about 10% of its illuminated body being visible from Earth. explains that when this is so, refraction in our atmosphere can produce a rainbow effect.  Thanks to that website and to Masa Nakamura, who caught a shot of Venus at Christmas time.

Venus over Japan

Venus over Japan

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