Wesak & Maple Full Moon

Maple Tree w- flowers

The Wesak, Full Moon in Scorpio is Weds, May 14th, in the US.  We are still integrating huge shifts from the April Eclipse season, and this Scorpio Full Moon comes with a water trine that will move us deeply.  Wesak is also here ~ the season when Buddha and the Ascended Masters shower us with the Light of Enlightenment.  The Maple flowers asked to offer their essence this year.  Maple Tree is a strong, powerfully grounding and embracing force.  Spend a few minutes with Maple… feel the grounding influence and the open-hearted green energy.  Then breathe deeply, and allow yourself to receive the Light of Wesak….

Maple says:  “I AM the strength to bear and ground the inpouring of Light in open-hearted Joy.”  (Let Maple help you disperse the Light into the areas of density and shadow inside you, and you will have much greater ease in transmuting and clearing blocks.)

Wishing everyone a Blessed Wesak and Spring Season!

In Lak’ech* ~  Denine

(*Mayan Greeting:  “In you I see another me, in me another you.”)

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