Red Solar Moon Year


On July 26, 2014, we begin a New Year in the “Star Traveler’s 13 Moon Calendar”:  the RED SOLAR MOON.  The red card pictured above is the symbol for Red Solar Moon.  The following is an excerpt of the description of the Red Solar Moon written by Stephanie South in the “Star Traveler’s 13 Moon Almanac of Synchronicity”:

“The Red Solar Moon year marks the second year of a 4-year process of holographic alignment (2013-2017) as we are crossing the bridge of the 3D model of duality into the 5D paradigm of unity consciousness and galactic perception.

This is the year of supreme solar healing. It is time to heal the core of the earth story and enter fully into galactic culture.  Galactic Culture is the culture of wholeness:  the culture of light.  It is based on the principles of Love, Art, Time and Synchronicity.  It is a planetary revolution that begins within and then extends out into programs of universal unification.”

The information I am receiving from my Guides is that the year beginning on July 26th will hold a huge potential power for healing.  Because it will be imbued with the Red Solar Moon energy, the year will deal largely with the action of purification and the healing power of Universal Water.  It’s essence will be to establish flow.  Anyone who has seen the force of water break down a barrier standing in its way, knows it is a powerful force.  Therefore, on a personal level, this will be an excellent year to purify the water of your body, and the energy of your thoughts and emotions, in order to flow with the healing power of the year, without a “blow out”, so to speak.

In walking meditation today, reflecting on the energy of the Red Solar Moon year, I received a Canada Goose Feather. “Animal Speak” by Ted Andrews describes the keynote of Goose Energy to be: “The Call of the Quest & Travels to Legendary Places”.  The Canada Goose migrates and we may, therefore, have the desire “to search out New Worlds and New Dimensions” in the coming 13 moons.  Of course, this can be done literally by physically traveling as Spirit guides you, or one can explore “New Dimensions” sitting at home on your own couch as well.

Additionally, I was guided to draw 2 cards, to offer us all energy & guidance for entering into the first moon of the Red Solar Moon with greater ease.   The first is from the “Divine Musings” deck**

IMG_2556Gaze at the symbol, after reading the words, and this will support you in keeping an open, receptive heart & mind.  This will be especially  important over the remainder of the summer…

The other card I was guided to draw is from the “Ascended Masters”*** deck, and it is the “Detach from Drama” card of Pallas Athena, the Grecian Goddess of Wisdom.  Invite the energy of Pallas Athena to remove you from fear, caused by dramas and conflicts.  Certainly, the energy of conflict and drama is high at present in our World, and yet, we can help ourselves and others so much more if we are not mired in fear or ego dramas.

Spend some time with all the symbols pictured above, allow these energies to support you and inform you.  Set some intentions for your year upcoming of Red Solar Moon.  Also on that same day, 7/26/14, is the New Moon in Leo, which will maximize these effects going forward.   Wishing us all the experience of being In the Flow of Universal Water, for healthy, happy purification and healing!

In Lak’ech*  ~  Denine

(*Mayan Greeting:  “In you I see another me, in me another  you.”)

**The “Divine Musings” deck was created by Mary Lively Jamison and can be obtained and experienced more deeply at or on the Divine Musings FB page.  (Thanks, Mary!)

***The “Ascended Masters” deck was created by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. (Google to find this deck on line, or at your local Barnes & Noble.)

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