Happy 11-11


Coming into this 11-11-15 week, I am asking everyone to join me in Our Unified Field of Consciousness, holding the feeling and frequency of Compassionate Love… envisioning the qualities of Peace, Joy, True Prosperity, Balance & Harmony arising in us and all around us.  Please add in your positive intentions for your own life and our World. (Feel free to put them in the comment section, and I will hold them with you.)

Together, we can add to the vortex of Light available at this time, and assist each other in even more upliftment.  IMG_7675

In Lak’ech*  ~ Denine

(*Mayan Greeting:  “In you I see another me, in me another you.”)

  • 11-11 MEDITATION in Guilford, CT:  Weds. 5-6 pm ~ facilitated by Denine – All are welcome.  (Offering $10) Email for directions & to reserve your spot.
  • Can’t be here & want a phone session to work with the 11-11 energies and receive a healing meditation with Denine?  ($50 for 1/2 hr)
  • Photos taken by Denine in Branford, CT (Dahlia @ Ken’s garden; Pond & foliage @ Bob’s Woods)

8 comments to Happy 11-11

  • I was just thinking of you and realizing I hadn’t received your posts for quite a whle. You must be very busy with many things including surfing the wild waves of incoming light as we all are.
    Indeed, I join you in the energies of Peace, Love, Compassion and Forgiveness in this beautiful season of giving thanks!
    The Fall color with the pond is a lovely picture, as all of yours are.
    Love, Fran

  • So nice to hear from you. I stand with you sister as we move through these changes.
    Namaste Debs x

  • karen Seunarine

    There is a beautiful golden fullness in the air. Around me are many illnesses and challenges. My intentions are to make the trip to Borrego desert happen for me, if it is in my highest good. That all may open their hearts to healing presence which surrounds all of us.
    The picture of the pond is imbued with that golden hue.

    • denine savage

      May we all be held in the loving grace of healing Light…
      Amen and so it is for all these intentions, Karen.
      I see the potential of us laughing and communing with all the beauty and magical gifts of Borrego…
      Love ~

  • denine savage

    Hi Fran, My Love to you and Susan! I’ll be on Maui at the end of Jan and for early Feb. Hope to connect with you both then. XXOO

  • Lynda

    Hi Denine, It’s wonderful to get your captivating photos again. Thanks so much. Your invitation to join the group with intentions of Balance and Harmony etc., resonate with me as it has been a very turbulent year. I am delighted to be invited to join in, and will certainly add my contribution to the group. Wishing you, and everyone else all the best. Namaste.

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