About Denine


Evolutionary Process™ (EP), created by Denine, refers to gentle hands-on-the-body work, as well as energy work in the electro-magnetic field of the body, to support the process underway of integrating more highly vibrating energy into our electro-magnetic fields and bodies. This requires transmuting our denser energies as we allow more “In-Light-ening” to occur within us. EP™ teaches tools to be in loving presence with one’s self to restore well-being and support balance.  Hands-on techniques employ the self-correcting mechanism inherent in the water of the body to create flow and harmony.

Integrative Manual Therapy uses a systems approach to address dis-ease in the body. Techniques include, but are not limited to: Advanced CranioSacral Therapy, muscle energy, lymphatic drainage, visceral manipulation, adrenal system balancing, somato-emotional release, strain-counterstrain, and myofascial release.

Process Acupressure utilizes the meridian system of the body to release emotional blockages, connect to Soul, and bring in a clearer, stronger field for improved flow and balance. (more info: www.soullightening.com)

Tuning fork attunement uses the vibration from stainless-steel tuning forks to properly align and balance the chakras, the meridians and the energy field of the body, as well as allow for communication throughout the energy system.  Extremely beneficial to tired nervous systems.

Denine Savage has over 25 years of experience as a healer, physical therapist and teacher. She holds certifications in Process Acupressure and Integrative Manual Therapy. She created and teaches Evolutionary Process™. Denine worked as a physical therapist at Yale New Haven Hospital, as well as in home care and skilled nursing facilities, before beginning a private practice in holistic healing methods in 1997. She also worked and taught for the Center for Integrative Manual Therapies in CT.

Over the years, Denine has taken over 100 continuing education classes in healing modalities and ultimately had some experiential events, during which she received visions of the “Unified Field of Humanity” and information which led to the creation of Evolutionary Process™. Denine is presently in private practice in CT and travels to hold Evolutionary Process™ events.

Denine is also a modern-day shaman and channel who brings messages from the Angelic & Higher Realms.  She writes a blog entitled “Denine’s Healing Doses” and posts daily on her personal & Evolutionary Process Facebook pages.  These daily doses of nature and spirit connection are to assist humanity in connecting to and deepening their relationship to Mother Earth, to themselves, & to a stream of upliftment during this crucial time of change on Earth.

Following her inner guidance, Denine left her home in New England and spent several years living and working in Hawaii.  In 2011, she was guided to relocate to the Smoky Mountain region and spent 9 months living near the Great Smokies National Park in Tennessee.  Now based back on shoreline CT, Denine travels regularly each year to work in Hawaii, Canada and elsewhere.