Flower essences

Flowers are fully in the knowing: I AM Love Incarnate. They share their love and offer gentle and effective vibrational support through our Electro-Magnetic Field. During these times of great evolutionary change, they are a godsend to the process we are going through in bodies.  The process of clearing and upgrading our vibration is greatly assisted and supported by the flowers.

Some ways to use the flower essences: put a dropper full in your water glass or bottle; spritz some into a room or the air around you; put some in your bath water or apply directly to your skin. There is a wealth of wonderful information about working with flower essences in the free guidebook put out by Green Hope Farms, and also on their website: www.greenhopeessences.com.


                                   I create essences from flowers at very specific times, in order to incapsulate the energy of different planetary, Galactic and Crystalline Grid Elements within the flower essence.  I also combine crystals, and the energy of Sacred Geometry, as well as channeled energy into the essences, as guided by my Angelic & Galactic Guides.  

481089_488752444518282_711862607_nThe filtered water I use is held in a container inscribed with the Flower of Life, so that all the essences are embued with the high, healing power of this beautiful Sacred Geometry, and thus embraces the water of our bodies with this loving vibrational message, and template of wellbeing. 

 VENUS ELIXIR FLOWER ESSENCES are described individually in my blog, located on the home page of the website & on the EP FP page.  Prices and descriptions are therein.  Email me to request one, or to have me pick one for you.  ($15-$20 per bottle, includes domestic postage.)

CUSTOM BLEND VENUS ELIXIR FLOWER ESSENCE with Message from Denine & her Guides:  $50
Email me with your request and concerns or issues for which you would like energetic support.  I will meditate and with the assistance of my Guides, I will select for you a combination blend of Venus Elixirs to send to you, along with an email message with pictures of the flowers and a message specifically channeled for you.

I make new essences, as guided by Spirit, at home in CT, and on my travels to Hawaii & elsewhere.  Contact me if you wish to obtain an essence.  With ALOHA ~ 

Clematis ~  Dandridge, Tennessee – May you see with a compassionate eye.