Addressing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual facets of our being, Denine’s background includes expertise in physical therapy, certification in Integrative Manual Therapy, certification in Process Acupressure, and advanced Visceral, Cranial, Myofascial and energy work. She integrates this experience with the work she created, Evolutionary Process™ Bodywork, which utilizes gentle fulcrums within the water of the body. Like a surfer riding a wave, she utilizes her hands to direct the waves of self-correcting motility within the water of the body to access restriction and blockages in the tissues for release and healing. As a gifted empath & intuitive channel, Denine can sense the type of energy or structure that may be causing a blockage, and facilitate the client in clearing the blockage and restoring well-being. Denine draws from her wealth of technique and experience to address whatever physical challenge or goal for personal evolution that you wish to pursue.

50-min sessions  –  $120    (80-min sessions $180)

            To schedule, email or call:  (203) 208-4471

(If calling me regarding a session on MAUI, call or text: (865) 387-6505.)


This is an opportunity to work with Denine to co-create greater well being on every level.  Listening to your concerns and scanning your energy, she will then connect with her team of Guides, and relay guidance & recommendations.  Working with the “Ascending Chakra System”,  and her team of Angelic Guides, Denine will channel these extremely high Light vibrations to you as directed for distance healing and/or energy activations.  She may recommend a flower essence for you, a dietary change or other helpful practice to enhance your wellbeing.

After the session, you will be feeling very peaceful, comforted and uplifted, and you will be able to tap back into the activation you received from this transmission through your intention, at any time.

Phone sessions    –   $50 per half hour

Telephone Session Testimonials

–  “During our session, I felt a new chakra activate below my feet.  I have worked with the regular chakra system for years, but I never have felt anything like this.  The feeling is wonderful, I feel more grounded and happy in my body, and now I really know I have the ability to keep improving my health.” Margo, Branford, CT

–  “Thank you Denine for helping me remove an energetic ‘thorn in my side’. I had been carrying remnants of grief for years.  Our phone session was such a blessing.  Your skill allowed me to heal on a very deep level, even though we were not in the same room.  I feel more happy, balanced and empowered, and my minor physical aches and pains seem to have disappeared overnight.”  L. Macintyre, Chandler, AZ

– “Since our phone session, I feel calm, and I have this feeling of wellbeing most of the time, regardless of what else is going on.  Thank you!”  Theresa T, Canada

– “Strap on your hiking boots and get ready to cover some terrain as Denine guides you through the interior landscape of body, mind and heart to discover the uncharted and undiscovered aspects of your being. Together, you will learn where your body still holds memories of abuse or self-negation, and allow the streams of energy to wash through and create new pathways.”  Samarah R, Sedona, AZ

– “I feel such a sense of peace and joy now that I know how to connect with this grid full of love!”  Sarah T, Madison, CT

Email Denine to discuss your particular situation and needs. Denine connects with the Crystalline Grid of Earth and her Guides to mend rifts and harmonize the flow of energy in a place. This may involve your participation in the Hawaiian practice of ho’oponopono (making things right), based on the history of the land & humanity.  Denine will then consult with you on how to co-create with the land and nature beings for a highly-vibrating field of harmonious energy on your land, that is more beautiful, fun, supportive to you and rewarding to be with.