Dandelion Delight!

Put aside all preconceived ideas you may ever have had about Dandelion.  As a flower essence, he has long been known as a powerhouse energy cleanser.  These Dandelions grew within the power grid created by the apachetes on my land, and these ones opened the morning . . .

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12 Days of Doses – 5

Echinacea, ON, Canada
On this 5th day of the “12 Days of Doses”, let this Orange Echinacea light up your 2nd chakra area.  Echinacea are famous immune system boosters.  Fill up with the vibrant energy of this One, and see what creative energy inside you is ignited. . . .

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Star and Snow Drops

Madison, CT Snowdrops
During a break from work in CT this past week, I visited with these Snowdrops.  They push up, right through the snow if necessary, in late February, confident they will be met by the kiss of the Sun.  Let the sweet, creamy freshness of . . .

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Flower Truth Serum

This Blue Butterfly Pea Vine appeared in the roadside bramble on my morning walk up the mountain yesterday.  She speaks of truth telling and discernment.  Her blue color relates to our throat chakra, and the yellow in the center (third chakra) suggests we might do it . . .

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Orchid Power

This impressive stem of blossoms just recently opened on a plant that has spent the last year living out on my lanai. He is all the more appreciated by me, because he is a Re-bloomer (something I aspire to be myself). As he . . .

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