Water Blessing Apachete, Naples, FL
My dear friend Terry and I went to the ocean on the Gulf Coast in Naples, FL and made an Apachete* in honor of our Earth’s Waters.  It was uploaded with great Love and Appreciation:  from humans, from . . .

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Libra Leaves

Branford Green Maple Tree, CT
We are at a time of changing color.  Tomorrow is the New Moon in Libra.  This moon is supporting honor and equity in all relationships.  All the challenging aspects of the last several months regarding relationships will have wrought some lessons that, . . .

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Apachete Awakening

Tigh Shee Center Apachete, Ontario
As we continue to pass through the nadir of the extreme chaos energies of transformation, Apachetes are a wonderful way to create stability on your property and enjoy communion with Mother Earth and the Elements.  As this period continues over the next . . .

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