Dog Days Butterfly Bush

Butterfly Bush, Maryville, TN
The Dog Days start early down in TN; at least in terms of hot days.  As the temperatures topped 100 degrees in the final days of May, just before my move to CT, my Guides asked me to make Butterfly Bush flower essence . . .

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Venus Transit Rose

Rose, Guilford, CT
The Venus Transit and the Realms of Light are pouring down pure Love for humanity’s evolution.  Take a few minutes to come into the center of your Being, and breathe into your heart.  As you gaze at the many layers of this Rose’s compassionate . . .

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1/12/12 Revitalization

Cades Cove, TN
Archangel Michael is offering us a Pyramid of Light for the purposes of Revitalization.

Enter into this Pyramid of Light and allow yourself to be washed with the energy of Revitalization……then ground your root down into the Crystalline Grid of Mother Gaia…continue receiving this new, . . .

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