Submerge in the New Moon

Long Island Sound, Linden Shores, CT
Come with me for a walk by the water.  Today is the New Moon in Cancer.  This is a very watery New Moon, in a week of many watery energies.  Even the clouds, as the Air Element, are flowing in watery . . .

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Mighty Sweet Magnolia

Magnolia Tree, Maryville College, TN
Made in these last days of April, 2012, from a ‘dinner plate’ Magnolia on an old tree at Maryville College in TN, this essence asked me to include some of the Mother Magnolia flower essence I made in the Iao Valley on . . .

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Bloodroot on the Mountain

Great Smokies, Townsend, TN
Yesterday morning brought rain, thunder and lightening down across the mountains…giving way to a warm and lovely day.
Chestnut Tops mountainside
Back out on the Chestnut Tops Trail in the Great Smokies National Park, Mother Nature is hanging out more ephemerals, mosses and other . . .

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Water & Fire Dragon

Near Sunset over Hanalei Bay
Here we are in the Year of the Water Dragon, at the foot of the mythical Puff the Magic Dragon on Kauai.  As the sun descends, it creates a powerful synergy of Water & Fire energy with the ocean.  The recent powerful . . .

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The 12 Days of Doses – 1

Coreopsis, Maryville, TN
Feel the red and gold light with a center star shining out to you from Coreopsis; breathe in the energy, and let it feed you…better than any holiday cookie!
Gaze into the center star….red with golden stamens…..Feel your root energy grounding into Mother Earth….and drawing . . .

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