Reap & Sow

After the passage of intense thunder, lightening and rain recently here in CT, the front passed as the sun sank, in a lovely display of polarity energy balancing itself once again.
Saturday, August 13th, is the Full Moon in Aquarius.  Time to reap the measure of fullness . . .

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Kauai Cave

On the June 1st eclipse, I found myself on Kauai, guiding a retreatant into a cave known as The Blue Room.  Someone had left this lovely offering down in the cave at the edge of the pool of water.  This sacred water deep in the rock . . .

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Rain Forest Orbs

This gracious Cedar tree is engaged in a lovely interaction with orbs of light.  They are here to let us know we are not alone, and the realms of light are with us, although sometimes unseen.  As we lingered in the rain forest quiet, feeling deep . . .

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