Solstice Stillpoint ’11

Buddha seemed pleased to receive this leaf reflecting the balance point of the Solstice energy – that time of equal day and equal night.  Solstice is a time of stillpoint.  Enter into the stillness inside yourself, breathe deeply and allow a moment (or more) of resting . . .

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This Golden Buddha was unexpectedly gifted to me on Christmas Eve Day. He had been living in a box in my landlord’s garage for the past several years. Perhaps some of you can relate to that experience. (I know I did!) . . .

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Kauai Monastery

Silent Buddha/Kauai Monastery
We again find ourselves at the Full Moon – this time in Pisces.  I recently returned from a trip to Kauai, where I encountered this magnificent Buddha at the Hindu Monastery there.  He seems the perfect image for this Full Moon, which is asking . . .

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