On this last triple trigger date of our lifetimes, there is to be an unprecedented inpouring of Light in frequencies that open the human heart to Love.  This Light vibrates with the level of Christ Consciousness, and with it, brings an energetic return of Christ to . . .

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Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise
“I AM the joy of creation taking flight.” Bird of Paradise is a flower with distinctive parts that knows how to create a glorious statement of its whole self. It is known as a remedy to help the flow of creativity by . . .

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Halloween Treats

Hibiscus Flower
This yellow and orange hibiscus wanted to come and extend his greetings for an exuberant 2nd & 3rd chakra experience for this Halloween.  Whether you are dressing up in a costume or contemplating the shadow this weekend, he is here to remind us of balance, . . .

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Beehive Ginger

“I AM a Pillar of Power that shows a way to harmony within the collective consciousness of humanity.  Each compartment on my stalk is a separate abode for each embodied One to dwell in unique expression, yet an integral part of the glorious whole!”
Gaze upon the . . .

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A Walk in the Forest, Part 2

Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree
As we continue through the forest, we admire many different kinds of trees, and the wondrous sculpture that nature and the elements create together in their unique expressions of harmony and adaptation.  And then, we arrive at the waterfall and pristine swimming hole.

Jump right . . .

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