Year of the Black Water Snake

Fire Pinks, Little River, TN
Today, hours after the New Moon in Aquarius, dawns the Chinese New Year:  Year of the Black Water Snake.  After a strong yang (male energy) year this past Year of the Dragon, this new Year of the Snake will bring a dominant . . .

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Dragon New Moon

Back on Maui, this upcountry Protea comes to wish us all a most harmonious New Moon in Aquarius and Year of the Dragon.  Breathe deeply, gaze at the complex layering of sacred geometry of this protea flower, and let him instruct you for your own multi-dimensional . . .

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Year of the Rabbit

Sun Yat Sen Memorial on Maui
The New Moon in Aquarius falls on 2/2, followed by Chinese New Year on 2/3.  The planetary aspects are volatile, yet can create breakthroughs if we act with spiritual integrity.
The Chinese New Year ushers in the Year of the Rabbit.
This friendly . . .

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Field of Creativity

After the recent heavy rains here on Maui, this upcountry meadow (which was recently parched and dry) has burst into an exuberant bloom of wild orange zinnias.  Zinnias carry a essence of  joy, and the orange color of these speaks of the 2nd chakra and its . . .

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