Spring Fling

Happy Spring from CT!  Hope this finds you having wintered over well.  (And wishing my few Southern Hemisphere readers Happy Autumn.)  Regardless of your hemisphere, we are just entering a rich, rare (only about 1x a decade) time when we have 5 of the major planets . . .

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12 days of doses, #12

Mother Mary & Jesus, Sedona, AZ
On this Christmas Day, Mother Mary and the Christ child come to remind us (regardless of our religion or belief) of the magic, the promise and the love of the Divine within us and in our world.  Let us be inspired . . .

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Dandelion Delight!

Put aside all preconceived ideas you may ever have had about Dandelion.  As a flower essence, he has long been known as a powerhouse energy cleanser.  These Dandelions grew within the power grid created by the apachetes on my land, and these ones opened the morning . . .

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Leo Full Moon Reflections

Offering, GSMNP, TN
In recent days, we have floated in the water of emotion as the energy of the Moon in Cancer, along with a number of other energy configurations, has reached into our deepest core and brought forth old, hidden residues of grief for us to . . .

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Swans in the Dog Days

Swans, Branford, CT
Come down to the pond with me in the stillness of the early evening and pay respectful regards to the swans.  This mated pair patrol the rock where their two children are resting.
Swans, Branford, CT
Swans are totems of awakening to the true beauty and . . .

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