Red Solar Moon Year

On July 26, 2014, we begin a New Year in the “Star Traveler’s 13 Moon Calendar”:  the RED SOLAR MOON.  The red card pictured above is the symbol for Red Solar Moon.  The following is an excerpt of the description of the Red Solar Moon written . . .

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Water Blessing Apachete, Naples, FL
My dear friend Terry and I went to the ocean on the Gulf Coast in Naples, FL and made an Apachete* in honor of our Earth’s Waters.  It was uploaded with great Love and Appreciation:  from humans, from . . .

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12 days of doses, #12

Mother Mary & Jesus, Sedona, AZ
On this Christmas Day, Mother Mary and the Christ child come to remind us (regardless of our religion or belief) of the magic, the promise and the love of the Divine within us and in our world.  Let us be inspired . . .

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12 Days of Doses, #6

Snowball Bush, Townsend, TN
Snowball Bush comes on Day 6 of the 12 Days of Doses to awe us with the sheer abundance of his white blooms and to remind us to laugh and play a bit this holiday season.  Let him bring thoughts of snowmen, snowballs . . .

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Happy Yellow Galactic Seed Year!

Maple Seeds, Great Smokies National Park, TN
Today is New Year’s Day, based on the 13 Moon Mayan Calendar; it is a Yellow Seed Year.  The action of the Seed is to Target, and it’s essence is Awareness.  The Tone of the Year is Galactic, bringing it’s . . .

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