Happy 11-11

Coming into this 11-11-15 week, I am asking everyone to join me in Our Unified Field of Consciousness, holding the feeling and frequency of Compassionate Love… envisioning the qualities of Peace, Joy, True Prosperity, Balance & Harmony arising in us and all around us.  Please add . . .

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Ohana of Earth

As I sit writing this, it is Earth Day, a day to specially appreciate and honor Mother Earth.  Her living body is our home, and provides for us everything we require.  Given the magnitude of that truth, many of us choose to honor her every day, . . .

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Wesak & Maple Full Moon

The Wesak, Full Moon in Scorpio is Weds, May 14th, in the US.  We are still integrating huge shifts from the April Eclipse season, and this Scorpio Full Moon comes with a water trine that will move us deeply.  Wesak is also here ~ the season . . .

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Venus Elixir

Montezuma’s Well, AZ
While visiting Montezuma’s Well this December, my friend Samarah did a reading for me from Mother Mary, who suggested I might rename my flower essences “Venus Elixirs”.  After returning home to CT, I experienced a lovely series of synchronous events regarding Venus and her . . .

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12 Days of Doses, #5

Golden Angel, Sedona, AZ
Let this sweet Golden Angel remind you of the essential purity that dwells within you.  Breathe deeply into this center place, and come into contact with the divine unconditional love and acceptance that is forever with you in this place.
Orchid, Branford, CT
In this . . .

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