Ohana of Earth

As I sit writing this, it is Earth Day, a day to specially appreciate and honor Mother Earth.  Her living body is our home, and provides for us everything we require.  Given the magnitude of that truth, many of us choose to honor her every day, . . .

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Earth Day 2013

Iao Valley, Maui
Earth Day is Monday, April 22nd, a day to honor and appreciate the beauty of our planet, our living Mother Gaia….
Deer, Cades Cove, TN
a day to notice and appreciate every living creature on this Earth…
Poppy, Seviersville, TN
a day to see and appreciate the incredible . . .

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Spring Tribute

Daffodil, Indian Neck, CT
Spring is finally reaching into New England.  Here in CT, the Daffodils are all opening at last.
Spring Bulbs, Branford, CT
The tiny, bright flowers of the little bulbs are radiating out their message of hope and renewal, and Tulip Trees are bursting into bloom.
Tulip . . .

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Earth Day 2012

Oak Tree, Maryville, TN
Earth Day is Sunday, 4/22/12.  Feel your feet rooting down into Mother Earth and your body rising up to the sky.  Stand tall and let your heart open wide, like this Oak Tree.  Feel how this Earth supports you and provides your every . . .

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New Moon Spring

Townsend, TN back road
As we approach the New Moon in Taurus on Saturday and Earth Day on Sunday, come for a walk down a road less traveled.
Iris by abandoned home, Townsend, TN
We pass by an abandoned home sitting in a new green meadow with a riot . . .

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