Big S Fork River Rocks

Leatherwood Ford
Come for a walk with me on a rainy day out over the Big South Fork River ….on the ford where horses and wagons crossed, when the water was not too high.  Feel the energies of this long ago time whisper memories to you of . . .

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Heart Leaves

This lovely heart-shaped leaf is from a garden on the Big Island of Hawaii.  She is a lovely rendition of heart energy with her beautiful green color and the white veins like a cascade of light energy flowing throughout.  Take a moment to place both hands . . .

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July, ’10 Energy Reading

These first 10 days of July are book-ended by the two eclipses.  The lunar eclipse occurred on June 26th.  Many are aware of the intensity inside us and in our relationships that is seemingly quite extreme right now, and is likely to continue through the solar . . .

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