Eclipse of Separation

Iao Needle, Maui
Come back to the Iao Valley with me.  This is a place that holds harmonized male and female energy in a beautiful balance.  It is a wonderful place to be for the Sun in Sagittarius, Full Moon in Gemini, Lunar Eclipse happening on Weds, . . .

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Snakeroot & Butterfly Medicine

White Snakeroot
Snakeroot blossoms are like individual stars, making up constellations of light.  She is beautiful, and also can be deadly.  When European settlers first came to the southeastern states, they were unfamiliar with it.  Cattle would eat it, settlers drank the milk and became sick with . . .

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July, ’10 Energy Reading

These first 10 days of July are book-ended by the two eclipses.  The lunar eclipse occurred on June 26th.  Many are aware of the intensity inside us and in our relationships that is seemingly quite extreme right now, and is likely to continue through the solar . . .

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Royal Poinciana Tree

“I AM Royal Poinciana Tree Flower. Know that change is coming, and that you can stabilize yourself in the changing times. I have been known as an anger remedy – True! I can break up this energy for transmutation and so . . .

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