Swans in the Dog Days

Swans, Branford, CT
Come down to the pond with me in the stillness of the early evening and pay respectful regards to the swans.  This mated pair patrol the rock where their two children are resting.
Swans, Branford, CT
Swans are totems of awakening to the true beauty and . . .

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Fire Water Orb Balancing

Sybil Creek, Indian Neck, CT
As day wanes, step out to the marsh with me, and watch the herons hunt for their evening meal.
Sunset on the Marsh, CT
Sunset arrives, and tonight it sets the marsh on fire with Light.  As you gaze at the picture, let the . . .

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Big S Fork River Rocks

Leatherwood Ford
Come for a walk with me on a rainy day out over the Big South Fork River ….on the ford where horses and wagons crossed, when the water was not too high.  Feel the energies of this long ago time whisper memories to you of . . .

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