Wesak & Maple Full Moon

The Wesak, Full Moon in Scorpio is Weds, May 14th, in the US.  We are still integrating huge shifts from the April Eclipse season, and this Scorpio Full Moon comes with a water trine that will move us deeply.  Wesak is also here ~ the season . . .

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Water Lily Waters

Lake Hortonia, Vermont
As the Adirondacks glimmer in the distance, enjoy an early morning in late summer at the lake.   Come down the hill, and step into the canoe with me and my friend Sara…
Lake Hortonia, VT
Enjoy the dip of your paddle in the smooth waters….stop . . .

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Apachete Awakening

Tigh Shee Center Apachete, Ontario
As we continue to pass through the nadir of the extreme chaos energies of transformation, Apachetes are a wonderful way to create stability on your property and enjoy communion with Mother Earth and the Elements.  As this period continues over the next . . .

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Princess Tree Essence

Princess Tree, Townsend, TN
Princess Tree is another ‘invasive species’ paradox:  pushing out native species, but bringing a precious gift.  Her lavender blooms stain a whole hillside in purple beauty on the way into the Great Smokies National Park through Townsend this week.  After the intense energies . . .

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