Divine Power Energy Codes

Archangel Metatron Apachete, Guilford, CT
The final eclipse of 2014 has brought in new codes of solar light, and this Solar Light is continuing to pour down as I write.  The Metatron Apachete pictured above, newly created in Guilford, CT, is now grounding and emanating the potency . . .

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12 Days of Doses, #9

12/21/13, Long Island Sound, Linden Shores, CT
On this 9th day of Doses, let us begin with absorbing the Light Codes from the Solstice.  Breathe the energy into your 3rd eye as you gaze at the Light, the Water, and let it all wash through you.
Orchids, Lanai, . . .

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Post Equinox

Honeysuckle, Linden Shores, CT
In these days following the Equinox, before we move on to Eclipse season,  there is an invitation to slide out of the general chaos and drop into your center.  This late-blooming Honeysuckle is a sweet offering inviting us to savor some quiet time. . . .

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Good News, Good Friday

Osprey nest, Sybil Creek, CT
Ospreys mate for life.  They raise their chicks up North, and then travel separately to different destinations in the far South – often as far as South America – where they spend the winter months.  Usually, the male returns to the same . . .

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Shamrock Intuition

Shamrock, CT
This is a weekend to deeply connect to your intuition.  Join with the white and green of Shamrock to go inside the heart….connect with your higher Self and guides and see what might arise in you.  Let the ‘wearing of the green’ be a deep . . .

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