California Valentine Essence

On this past Valentine’s Day, on a visit to my daughter in California, we took a drive to Limantour Beach.  Along the way, we were guided to create a new flower essence.  Lovely Camellia asked to start things off….
Camellia, Fairfax, CA
closely followed by Calendula.
Calendula, Fairfax, CA
Between . . .

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Rest in the Redwoods

Redwood Grove, Fairfax, CA
Take a break from walking through Fairfax:  come inside this circle of young Redwoods.  Have a seat on the springy, soft loam….lean back into the support of the tree and gaze up into the treetops…
Tops of the Redwoods, Fairfax, CA
Up in the canopy, . . .

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