Year of the Black Water Snake

Fire Pinks, Little River, TN
Today, hours after the New Moon in Aquarius, dawns the Chinese New Year:  Year of the Black Water Snake.  After a strong yang (male energy) year this past Year of the Dragon, this new Year of the Snake will bring a dominant . . .

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Fathers Day to Summer Solstice

Rainbow, Guilford, CT
This rainbow over the peace pole,  which arrived in between the lunar eclipse and the Venus Transit, was striking in how it defined polarities in the sky.  Perhaps it was showing us how to round up the dark for transmutation in the Light.  As . . .

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Water & Fire Dragon

Near Sunset over Hanalei Bay
Here we are in the Year of the Water Dragon, at the foot of the mythical Puff the Magic Dragon on Kauai.  As the sun descends, it creates a powerful synergy of Water & Fire energy with the ocean.  The recent powerful . . .

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