Full Moon Datura

making Datura flower essence
I made this Datura flower essence last week, and it has been sitting on a accelerating crystal until today, the Full Moon in Aries, partial lunar eclipse.  I took some of it for the first time this morning, and immediately had a sense . . .

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Fairies in the Sedum

Fairy Ring in the Sedum
This lovely bed of Sedum is blooming at the corner of my home in Maryville, TN.  It is full of fairy energy!  Take a deep breath, and imagine the fairy dust showering down all around you…sparks of light cleaning the shadows off . . .

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Cure for Full Moon Blues

This lovely Mexican Creeper Vine flower wanted to come and cast his sweet spell upon us today.  In the wake of the full moon in Aries, with Mars and Saturn still facing off, and almost another week of Mercury retrograde to go, there is a haze . . .

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