Crocus Cleanse

Moon rise over Townsend, TN
Today is the Full Moon in Virgo.  Here she is rising a day ago over the Smoky Mountains.  The fading glow of the sunset is reminiscent of the huge solar flare activity we have been experiencing over the last few days.  If . . .

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Chickweed Fullness

Chestnut Top Trail, Great Smoky Mtns, TN
Back out on the trail, walk slowly ~ the tiny Spring Ephemerals are all along the way.  Steps away from yesterday’s Spring Beauties, we encounter bright, white Chickweed.
Chickweed ~ TN
Chickweed’s full white face makes her a good poster child for . . .

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Spring Equinox ’11

This Banyan Tree from Hana, Maui comes with greetings for the Spring Equinox and as a model of grounding.  Take a deep breath into your center, gaze at the trunk of the banyan, and see how he holds a deep centered flow of energy.  Feel it . . .

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