12 Days of Doses – 1

Bouquet of Anthuriums, Lanai
Welcome to Day 1 of the 2012 “12 Days of Doses” in celebration of the holiday season.   Day 1 is a giant arrangement of Anthuriums and Ginger from Lanai in Hawaii.  Yesterday was the New Moon in Sagittarius, following right on the . . .

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Beehive Ginger

“I AM a Pillar of Power that shows a way to harmony within the collective consciousness of humanity.  Each compartment on my stalk is a separate abode for each embodied One to dwell in unique expression, yet an integral part of the glorious whole!”
Gaze upon the . . .

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Pink Shell Ginger

From Denine’s Guides:  “The Pink Shell Ginger is a dose of Goddess  –  She embodies balanced Divine Feminine Energy.  She helps the spine align itself in harmony with empowered feminine energetics so that, whether embodied as a woman or a man, one can walk connected to . . .

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