12 Days of Doses – 7

Bougainvilla, Maui, HI
On this 7th day of the “12 Days of Doses”, Bougainvilla comes to drench you in the sunlight and tidings of Joy from paradise, regardless of the weather.  Let the sight of his red leaves warm you…feel the red root chakra energy in you . . .

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1/12/12 Revitalization

Cades Cove, TN
Archangel Michael is offering us a Pyramid of Light for the purposes of Revitalization.

Enter into this Pyramid of Light and allow yourself to be washed with the energy of Revitalization……then ground your root down into the Crystalline Grid of Mother Gaia…continue receiving this new, . . .

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Welcome to Cade’s Cove

Come take a drive with me through Cade’s Cove in the Great Smokies of  TN – one of the most popular mountain destinations in North America.  Feel the inpouring of light from these ancient and amazing mountains as you look upon them, and it is easy . . .

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