Dandelion Delight!

Put aside all preconceived ideas you may ever have had about Dandelion.  As a flower essence, he has long been known as a powerhouse energy cleanser.  These Dandelions grew within the power grid created by the apachetes on my land, and these ones opened the morning . . .

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Land the 11-11-11 Light

Little River @ The Sinks, TN
As the Light Elixir pours in at this window of 11-11-11/trigger date/portal, it is time to pause and draw it in and through us….
Breathe it in and feel it move down through you……
Little River, TN
Feel the Light moving right down through . . .

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Sassafras and Sourwood

Sour Wood
As someone who has lived all her life in New England or Hawaii, TN has some “new” trees for me.  On my recent drive up the Foothills Parkway, I enjoyed the russet red of the Sour Wood Trees, with their lacy seedpods curving toward the . . .

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Mighty Maple & Bear Medicine

        Red Maple Tree 

Today, I took a drive part way up the Foothills Parkway in Walland, TN, where leaves are starting to turn.  In the warm stillness, this Red Maple, White Pine and a young Oak lit up the mountain in the reflection . . .

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