12 Days of Doses, #8

Orchid, Branford, CT
Green & White Orchid comes on Day 8 of our ’12 Days of Doses’ to put us squarely in our heart chakras on this Solstice Day.  In the Northern Hemisphere, it is the shortest day, and from here forward, there will be a return . . .

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Shamrock Intuition

Shamrock, CT
This is a weekend to deeply connect to your intuition.  Join with the white and green of Shamrock to go inside the heart….connect with your higher Self and guides and see what might arise in you.  Let the ‘wearing of the green’ be a deep . . .

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12 Days of Doses – 4

Poppy, Seviersville, TN
On this 4th day of “12 Days of Doses”, we have a Red Poppy.  Usually, red poppies have a black center, but this one comes with an inner heart of gold.  Poppy is about tuning in to the GPS of the heart, even as . . .

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Venus Transit Rose

Rose, Guilford, CT
The Venus Transit and the Realms of Light are pouring down pure Love for humanity’s evolution.  Take a few minutes to come into the center of your Being, and breathe into your heart.  As you gaze at the many layers of this Rose’s compassionate . . .

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Crocus Cleanse

Moon rise over Townsend, TN
Today is the Full Moon in Virgo.  Here she is rising a day ago over the Smoky Mountains.  The fading glow of the sunset is reminiscent of the huge solar flare activity we have been experiencing over the last few days.  If . . .

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