Rose Mallow Mellow

Red Rose Mallow, Indian Neck, CT
Swamp Rose Mallow is a member of the Hibiscus family.  Hardy enough to withstand a cold winter, she helps bring the Aloha energy North.  Rose Mallow as a flower essence helps soften hard personalities.  Given the present energy climate, we could . . .

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Halloween Treats

Hibiscus Flower
This yellow and orange hibiscus wanted to come and extend his greetings for an exuberant 2nd & 3rd chakra experience for this Halloween.  Whether you are dressing up in a costume or contemplating the shadow this weekend, he is here to remind us of balance, . . .

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Voodoo Hibiscus

Voodoo Hibiscus
This outrageous Hibiscus comes to assist the hiding heart in opening more fully, unafraid to show its full colors in its own unique way. Have you felt different in the world? If you are wanting, this One will support you in “flying . . .

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