Spring Equinox 2012

Hanalei Bay, Kauai
As the Spring Equinox energy pours down upon us, imagine it moving through you like the colors of this rainbow on the hills over Hanalei……
Kauai Rainbow
arriving at a new balance point within yourself.  Spend a few moments with these rainbows, and ask that all . . .

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Anthurium Valentines

Maui Anthurium
Anthurium comes with its lovely heart shape to wish us all a most Happy Valentine’s Day.
Kauai Monastery Anthurium
Let their wide variety of hue and shape inspire you to go beyond just the old paradigm description of a holiday that celebrates romantic Love into a whole . . .

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Orchid and Rainbow Light Trail

'Okolehao Trail, Kauai
Come up the hill over Hanalei with me….through the rain forest and shafts of sunlight on a hot, still Hawaiian afternoon…..take a deep breath of moist, sweet air and feel the rainbow light wash over and through you.
Wild Orchid
Around the corner you are greeted . . .

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Water & Fire Dragon

Near Sunset over Hanalei Bay
Here we are in the Year of the Water Dragon, at the foot of the mythical Puff the Magic Dragon on Kauai.  As the sun descends, it creates a powerful synergy of Water & Fire energy with the ocean.  The recent powerful . . .

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Green Heart/2

When the total lunar eclipse of the full moon in Sagittarius arrives (June 15th at 10:14 am here in HI), let us climb inside this lovely green cup, and feel its green heart energy all around us as we are held in a loving embrace up . . .

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